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Key Features


Through scientific curriculum design, teaching methodology, assessment standard, internal and external verifications, BTEC allows students’ participation in teaching and learning. Through interactive teaching and provision of support and assistance by the lecturers in the teaching process, students will be able to complete vocational related assessments by themselves and to achieve learning outcomes specified in the course outline, and master their own learning process.


BTEC programmes are straddling various professional disciplines in accordance with current development of business, economy and technology. Course contents are designed and timely revamped to meet the needs of respective industries and employers on knowledge and skills. BTEC programmes provide hands-on practical skills in works to facilitate career development of students, and the students’ applicability of knowledge and skills can enhance effectiveness of enterprises and are therefore highly desirable by employers.


BTEC programmes not only develop students the practical skills in works, other than teaching academic knowledge, the programmes also foster various skills required in the learning process of further studies, such as analytical abilities, problem solving skills, independent research and initiative abilities, etc. Also, BTEC HND programmes enable students to better grasp various knowledge and skills on English proficiency, and therefore strengthen their language foundation on progression to further studies.


BTEC programmes are designed according to the needs of enterprises, education objectives and industry standards. The contents and assessment methods are highly linked to the needs of the society, and tailor-made to meet the needs and circumstances of enterprises.


Accredited centres exercise stringent internal verification according to the quality assurance requirements stipulated by Edexcel. Evidences of internal evaluation are kept during the teaching process to ensure reasonability, fairness and effectiveness of assessments. Independent experts will carry out external verification on the operations of the centres by paying visits to the centres twice a year, and proactively communicate with . This double monitoring mechanism ensures consistent quality of BTEC programmes.


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