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Executive Diploma in Accounting & Management

The aim of the Executive Diploma in Accounting & Management programme is to provide students with vocationally-oriented, tertiary driven education which enables them to assume roles in the management, accounting, auditing, and taxation fields where they can apply their knowledge, techniques and skills. The Programme helps students to develop a holistic personality by introducing a broad spectrum of knowledge and by training them to be critical thinkers, independent learners, and ethical and responsible individuals. It also provides a ladder of opportunity along which students may advance through further studies and/or professional examinations.

As per the assessments of World Bank, Hong Kong ranked as one of the hottest destinations for doing businesses. This helped Hong Kong to attract a lot of FDIs and this situation has put continuous pressure on the demand of labour market in terms of labours with accounting and management background. Knowing the importance of these key elements of business, this programme intends to produce quality graduates that fit into labour market demand.  Therefore, this programme aims to provide students with a broad understanding of the operational aspects of the business field, together with knowledge of the basic principles which underpin the Hong Kong commercial landscape.

It is an ideal combination of vocational and academic studies making an interesting and varied programme and providing successful students with a good business qualification, sound career prospects and further education pathways at tertiary level.

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